Saturday, March 16, 2013

Blend fluency boards

Well, Spring Break is officially over. I feel like I've been productive this week.  A couple of fairy tale packs finished and ready for next week.  I also made two new freebies.  We are teaching blends when we come back after break and I created this fluency boards.  I've used similar things for letters and nonsense words, so I thought I could do the same thing with blends.  I plan to use them in reading group and also have a parent volunteer work one-on-one with different students. Grab the freebie here and here

The teachers have a PD day on Monday.  We have a motivational speaker in the morning and then meetings all afternoon.  We are meeting with the 1st grade team for "vertical articulation".  These meetings always feel like pick on the kinder teachers because we always hear what they can't do when they come to first grade and never focus on what the incoming first graders do well.  Maybe this year will be different :)  I teach at a K-8 school, but next year they are building middle schools and we will be a K-6 school.  So, we are having a meeting Monday about transitioning to a K-6 school and what will be different etc... I've always taught in a K-8 school, so I really look forward to getting rid of the big kids and focusing on K-6.  I always feel like Kinder gets left behind a little because we're not a testing grade so maybe going K-6 we won't feel so neglected. 
Enjoy the freebies! :)

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