Monday, July 7, 2014

We Go Together: A Back to School Activity- Flash Sale July 7

Today I would like to share with you a fun and easy back to school/ice breaker activity you can use the first week of school.We Go Together: A Back to School Matching Activity
Originally, it was designed for use in my Kindergarten classroom as a pocket chart station at the beginning of the year.  We do a lot of sorting the first month of so of Kindergarten and this is a variation of that.  They have yellow cards with pictures on them and they need to match it with a blue card that goes with each yellow card. It's a great activity because the students have to talk to each other about why the cards go together or don't go together.

I used it last year at the beginning of the year and the students really liked it.  Once they are finished, they can also do one of two worksheets.

But, this year I plan to use it as an ice breaker/get to know you activity with my 3rd graders.  I plan to give student either a yellow or blue card.  They have to search around the room for their card's match: peanut butter with jelly, paint with paintbrush etc...  There are enough pairs for a class of 30 students. Once they find their partner, then they have to find out something about their partner using this form.
After that, they will introduce their partner to the class.  Quick, easy and fun for the first week of school.

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