Saturday, July 5, 2014

Back to School Counting Activities: Flash Sale July 5

Today I am offering my Back to School Counting Activities as my Flash Sale product.
It includes 5 different game and activities that are easy enough to play at the beginning of the year.   These were the first Math Station games that we did after we did the Exploration Stations.
 The first one is an easy matching game with number cards.  There are numbers, tally marks and ten frames.  You can play it lots of different ways.  Student can draw a card and count and identify it.  You can play concentration with two sets of the cards.  You can match the three cards on a pocket chart.

 The next game is an easy variation of Bang! where a student draws a card, counts the objects or reads the number.  If he is  correct (checked by the group) then the student keeps the card.
 This next game is a good one to begin to teach students how to use a recording sheet during a math station.  There are cards with sets of objects.  The student draws a card, counts the amount and writes the answer in the correct spot on the answer sheet.
 Quick-How Many? is really designed for small or whole group.  It's all about subitzing.  Show the different dot cards and students tell you quickly how many and what they see.  At first, it is not very quick because they will really just be counting, but hopefully over time, and with practice, students will begin to see combinations of objects.

 The last game has sets of cards in straight lines and scattered configurations.  A student takes  a card, counts how many and then he spins the spinner.  If he lands on 1 more, he adds one counter to the card and counts 1 more.  If he lands on 2 more, he adds two counters to the card and counts 2 more.  It is a great game to see how students are counting that one more- do they need to recount it all again, or do they remember what they had and count on to the next number in the sequence.

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