Sunday, July 6, 2014

August Morning Math: Kinder and 3rd Grade Editions- Flash Sale July 6

Today's flash sale features TWO of my August products- both of them are daily math reviews.
Kindergarten August Daily Math
3rd Grade August Daily Math

(Please Note: Most of my Kindergarten products were sold under Kinder Karla; I recently changed my store name to reflect more diverse products)

In Kindergarten, these were used to start my day.  They were "bell work" for the students.  I have all months available for Kindergarten and they follow a logical progression of skills throughout the year. I really like them because each sheet has different skills to practice.  Here are some picture of the Kindergarten product. As you can see, student practice writing numbers, counting, drawing a set and making a pattern.  The first two weeks, the number they write matches what they count and what they draw.  The second two weeks, those are mixed up.

In 3rd grade, I plan to use these as a warm-up for my math block.  Or I might use them as homework.  We'll see how it goes.  I haven't created more than the first month for 3rd grade yet because I want to see how successful they are with this group of students.  Each week has Operations and Algebraic Thinking and Numbers in Base 10, and Measurement, Data and Geometry- alternating between time and money and beginning fractions and graphing.  All skills covered in August are 2nd grade standards meant to be a review of skills from the previous year.

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