Monday, June 18, 2012

Nursery Rhyme FREEBIE!

Well, I think I am finished with my Nursery Rhyme Literacy and Math Acitivites unit.  It has 13 Read It, Trace It, Put the Sentence Together Sentences for popular nursery rhymes.  That comes with 2 versions a traceable sentence version and a version where students write the sentence themselves.  Also included are Pocket Chart Printables and Poetry Folder pages for Old Mother Hubbard, Little Bo Peep, The Eensy Weensy Spider, Hey,Diddle, Diddle, and Humpty Dumpty.  There are also three rhyming games- Humpty Dumpty's Rhyming Wall, Old Mother Hubbard's Rhyming Cupboard and Jack and Jill's Pails of Rhyming Words.  But wait-there's more!  Two math games- Hey, Diddle Diddle Let's Make a Pattern and Little Bo Peep's Sheep Number Match.  Whew!  It's probably the biggest things I've done- 121 pages in all!  AND, here only, I have a freebie for you.  Follow this link to where (hopefully-if I did it correctly) I uploaded a sample for you Nursery Rhyme Literacy and Math Activity FREEBIE.  And, if you like it, please check out my TpT store for the entire unit!
Happy Monday!

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  1. Wow! I think this will be helpful when I get to my nursery rhyme unit this year! Thanks for sharing!