Sunday, June 24, 2012

Children as Teachers

Lately my son (he's 9) has become somewhat addicted to golfing.  He and my husband have gone out to play golf 3-4 times in the last couple of weeks.  He keeps asking me to go, and I keep conveniently finding other things to do.  I don't golf, but I have clubs that my hubby bought me a couple of years ago when I took a few lessons.  Well, today after he played 18 holes in 109 degree heat, he came home so excited that he decided that he needed to teach me how to golf.  He even made lesson plans for his teaching sessions with me!  He convinced me to go to the driving range with him.  He did all the things good teachers should- he modeled, he gave me guided practice (with him checking my grip and stance) and he gave me lots of encouragement (even though I was terrible), and he let me practice it by myself all the while watching and offering suggestions, tips and high fives.  It was so darn cute and I was so proud of him!  Having the opportunity to teach me how to golf did so much for my son.  That simple act gave him a boost of self-esteem, it helped him internalize the skills he was teaching me, and it was just really fun for him!
So, now I think about my classroom.  I reflect on the ways I let my students teach each other.  I have "experts"- a student that maybe picks up on a skill really quickly (computer, smart board, etc...) and they are the ones that children can go to in the classroom when I am unable to help.  When we do math word problems, I have students use the document camera to "teach" the other students how they solved a math problem.  Sometimes, I teach a small group of students how to play a new game for a station and then they are the ones who are the "leaders" of the game teaching the rest of the group how to play.  And, of course, there are other spontaneous teaching opportunities that come up during the day.  But, am I giving them enough opportunities to teach each other?
What are some ways that you let your students teach each other?

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