Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Daily 5 Chapter 1 Questions

Okay, here are my answers to the questions posed for Chapter 1. Be sure to stop over at Live, Love, Laugh Everyday in Kindergarten to see other bloggers posts.

How do I teach new behaviors?
Model and practice, model and practice, model and practice, model and then practice some more! The beginning of the year is tough because you have your kinders in mind from the end of last year and all that they could do. Then the first day hits, and you realize that this group doesn't know ANY of those things yet... model and practice, model and practice, model and practice...

How do I teach expectations?
Some of my kiddos come in with NO preschool experience, so some of them have literally no idea what the teacher expects of them in school. Again, I think it goes back to modeling and practicing and a lot of talking about it. Charts, visuals, samples help too.

How do I monitor student behavior? Whole group? Small group? Individual?
I admit it- I do a chart with green, yellow and red cards. But I don't have the students names on them. Each student has a number assigned to them and the number is on the chart. That way, students don't know really whose card is red a lot (who am I kidding, yes they do). I am planning to go to the clip system next year. How I monitor whole group and small group depends on the class that year. Each group has its own personality and what works for some groups- table points, stickers, etc... doesn't work for another. So I have to experiment a little at the beginning to see what motivates the group as a whole.

What do I do when a student is not exhibiting desired behaviors?
I like an immediate consequence and one that is a natural consequence of the behavior. If they are playing at a work station instead of the task, then they miss the work station for a brief period of time. If the behavior continues, they turn their card and miss recess. I know- it's awful right?

Whose classroom is it?
It is our classroom! We live their together. We have to establish routines, procedures, and rituals together. But I am the driving force and, yes, the one who has final say on decisions.

Locus of Control
That's hard- I don't want to give up control.... I am working on that!

Where are the supplies stored?
It depends on the supplies. Pencils, scissors, glue sticks, paper are all out there for students to get and use when they need them. Other specialty supplies are kept in places accessible to students, yet they need to ask to use them (stapler, markers, colored pencils etc...)

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