Tuesday, July 7, 2015

From Chaos to Organization Part 1

I was able to get into my classroom yesterday to begin the process of getting it ready for the first day of school on July 27th. I moved classrooms at the end of the year, moving my things into a teammate's room who was switching grade levels. The end of the school year was strange this year because we did not have the Friday after students left on Thursday to finish things up- we had to be checked out by Thursday afternoon. This presented an interesting problem in terms of moving rooms- things that we would have done after school were done with student help during school. My teammate had moved most of her things already to her new room- she was moving into a vacant room so it was easier for her. They were re-painting the walls in our classrooms so everything had to be moved to the center of the classroom.
My teammate wanted to leave literally 10 minutes after students left on Thursday, so she was really hassling me about getting my things in her room moved to the center of the room- she and I didn't really get along well this last year so neither one of us was being very nice at this point. I told her I would get things done but I couldn't do it while I still had students in MY classroom. So, she moved everything to the center of the room for me. Well, when I came in yesterday this is what it looked like.

Not too bad, right? I mean, nothing was where I would put it and she just shoved everything in the center but I can work with that... until I noticed the horseshoe table. My first task was to get all the big furniture in the correct spots- I have several bookshelves that I needed to decide where to place and I needed to decide upon a meeting area and where to put my small group horseshoe table. So, furniture placement was my first priority.
There weren't a lot of people at school yesterday and no custodial staff nearby, so I was on my own with this.
First of all, how in the heck did she get this UP on top of the desks and WHY?  I have to say I didn't have too many nice words to say about my ex-teammate at this point. But, I was determined to get it off of those desks by myself...

And, I only dropped one of those double desks (and not on my foot)...  So once I got this down, I decide to put it in the corner of the room. Although I think the flag is really going to bother me there right above my head.
But, of course, the table is filthy! It has dried glue all over it and I have to scrape it today...not happy with old teammate. She also took the cubbies with her (even though she has them in her new room and traded my nice clean metal bookshelf for one that has old labels that are stuck on really badly).
Anyway, that was my adventure for the day. Here's what it looks like now after about 3 hours of work. No where near done- but that's why I am at school 20 days before it starts...
But, I did do one cute thing today. I put up my learning target board where I have to write the objectives...

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