Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Another DIY Project

Wow, did I get crafty the last couple of days... Yesterday I made this board.
It's the same kind of things as yesterday's Dry Erase adhesive, but this one is Chalkboard adhesive. This is the inside of my classroom door.  I put it there because I am going to use it to write notes to the students and have the students write notes to each other. But not just randomly. I think I am going to have someone have a specific job for the week- I might call it the "Affirmer." This person's job would be to be observant during the day and notice something that someone did that showed good character or hard work or perseverance during the day.  Maybe it's someone who tried really hard to answer a tough question. Or it's someone who worked without giving up on a difficult math word problem. The person whose job it is would write a little note to that person on the board saying what they say them do.  It could be like a "Caught you being good!" thing. I think the students will really like it. My teacher candidate (student teacher) and I will model it at first and then slowly release that job to the students.  We'll see how it goes! And, the students get to use cool chalk markers!!!

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