Tuesday, July 14, 2015

DIY White Board Cabinet

I am not crafty... not much that I plan to do actually works and turns out cute. But, I think today at school I had a minor turning point. I bought this Duck Adhesive white board roll at Walmart.
My original intention was to cut pieces of it and place it near the top of student desks to create an automatic white board that students can use mostly for our Engage New York Math.  But, I have this gray cabinet in my room that is just dying for me to do something with. So, I decided to cover the cabinet with this adhesive white board roll. Then I added some cute ribbon to the outside mostly because it's not wide enough to cover the whole door.  I also did the other side, but ran out of ribbon and have to go get some more.
I plan on using this as a Daily 5 station- probably a word work activity of some kind, but it's also a neat place to write notes to students. I think it's cute!

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