Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pocket Chart Stations FREEBIE

I love pocket charts!  I have about 5 different pocket charts in my classroom.  Some of them house my shared reading poems.  Some have sight words we are learning.  And some of them are used specifically for my Pocket Chart Literacy Station.  I've done lots of different things for my Pocket Chart Station over the year, but mostly I use it for sorts and put together sentences.  Sometimes the students are putting together a decodable book that I've written out on sentence strips and cut apart.  Sometimes they are sorting pictures practicing different Reading Foundational Skills standards.  But my stations change every two weeks so I need new ideas fairly often.  This freebie is part of my January Pocket Chart Station product that I am selling on TpT and TN.  In this activity, you print out the words of the sentence on card stock.  Then the students use the words and pictures to put together the sentence.  Then they can use the worksheet to write the sentence, cut apart the word, put it back together and illustrate it.  You will find this sentence and three others in the product, as well as three other sort games- one for beginning sounds, one for medial sounds and one for ending sounds.  There's also a short a making words type activity as well.  Check it out here. January Pocket Chart Station
And, here's the link to the freebie pictured above.  Hope it is something that you can easily use in your classroom!
January Pocket Chart Station FREEBIE

Happy New Year!