Saturday, December 22, 2012

Kindergarten Math Assessments

One of our goals for Kindergarten this year is to create math assessments for the Common Core. Our district has what is called a Math Toolkit. It is an overall test that has 2-3 questions for each standard. We are supposed to administer it each quarter until students master the standards. It was put together quickly by a very small group of teachers and, honestly, it's not very good. There are too few tasks for each standard to really know the students have mastered the concept. So, our team has decided to create quick, whole group assessments that we can use in addition to the district assessment. I am going to sell the ones I create on TpT individually by standard and then bundled when I get them all done.   Here's a freebie for Kindergarten CC3. CC3 {FREEBIE} Check out my store to see more.


  1. I was lucky that our math supervisor made really good ones for pre and post assessments. It's great you were able to make some useful ones. I'm sure they'll sell well, too! I teach first but will pass your info on to my sister who teaches K and needs them. Thanks!


  2. I found you through the tpt forum!! Now following!!! Stephsnie