Monday, December 31, 2012

High Frequency Words Day 2

Today is my second day of sharing my ideas for teaching high frequency words.  This is really two ideas in one freebie.  The first I call Trace It, Write It, Stamp It. It has five words that we've recently been learning on a page for the students to trace, write and stamp.  My kinders love this station and, until recently, everything has been going great.  However, a new little boy in my room is somewhat destructive and the stamps we've been using all year are all of a sudden falling apart. And, the new stamps I put out since the old ones were breaking are now also falling apart. :( So, this one can't be a weekly station anymore. 
On the back of this page, I also have a word box and writing practice page that I sometimes add.  Sometimes the kinders just do rainbow writing of the words when they finish this one, but this other sheet is fun too.  The kinders find the word shape box and write the word and then practice it.
The second idea is a game called Roll a Sight Word.  You have to print the dice and put it together. (Recently, I've been purchasing the small wooden cubes you can get at Michaels and then just writing the words in permanent marker and saving for future years.)  The idea is that they roll the dice and write the word on the graph- saying it and spelling it aloud.  If they roll Erase a Word, they have to erase a word of their choice.  The goal is to see which word "wins" by making it to the top of the graph.
 These ideas are in my TpT product here.  But I made one for 2nd quarter words this year that isn't exactly the same as a freebie.  Click here for the freebie. BTW, I am having a New Year's Sale on everything January 1st and 2nd at my TpT Store.

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