Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Reading Foundations {FREEBIE}

I have been hard at work on a new unit of games that align to the Reading Foundational Skills standards.  It is called A Winter Wonderland of Literacy Stations.  It has a game for rhyming words, a game for syllables, a initial sound sort with lots of different letter combinations, a medial sound sort and a final sound sort.  It also has a game for blending and segmenting CVC words.  Additionally, it has a sight word game with the DOLCH list and the FRY list.  And, finally, it has a Roll, Say, and Keep using Nonsense Words- a perfect practice for DIBELS.  Most of the games are designed for use in a pocket chart station, but could easily be done on a table or flooor.  If you click here you can have a freebie of one of the pages of the Icy Words game- a game that focuses on blending and segementing sounds in CVC words.  This pack of games is available now at my TpT and TN stores.

I am working on a math unit of games along the same theme of winter- A Winter Wonderland of Math Stations. Look for that coming soon!


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