Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Part of our science curriculum has us teaching about motion... specifically "push and pull" as it says in our standards.  As I am reading Deanna Jump's blog today she mentions teaching "big words" to kinders as part of a unit.  She mentions the vocabulary of insects specifically.  Someone was questioning her use of "big words".  I am a huge supporter of teaching the vocabulary of instruction and not "dumbing down" (for lack of a better term) words and vocabulary simply because I am teaching little ones.  So it made me feel good reading this because today we learned about "forces" and "inertia" and we used those words along with "push" and "pull".  We explored with cups, geometric shapes, ramps, cars and even my son's Beyblades (tops).  Here are some pictures of our explorations.  Not the best action pictures, but the kiddos are seeing if objects spin, slide or roll.  Great fun!

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