Friday, April 20, 2012

Motion Freebie!

My kinders love the Read It, Trace It, Put the sentence together activities.  We sometimes do them as morning work, but they are also a part of one of my work stations.  I made one for Motion- focusing on Push and Pull.  My plan for this is to collect them when we've done and few of them and then put them together to make a Push/Pull book.  It would have the sentences the kiddos did and then at the end I want to have them draw things they push and things they pull.  That's one of the things we're doing today as a wrap up of our mini-motion unit.  I'll post a couple of pictures of the final product, but here's the link to the Freebie sentences.  Enjoy!  And, if you like this one, please see my TpT site where I have many different themes.


  1. Great idea, I am enjoying checking out your blog and am our newest member. Please take a minute to check mine out as well and join my monthly giveaway.

  2. Hi there! It's Lisa from the class we took the other night from Lori!! I love your TPT store and now your blog! I love reading everyone's blogs, and it's nice that I have actually now met a "blogger" in person!!! :):)

  3. This is wonderful! I am so happy I found another wonderful blog to follow! =) Thank you...I am off to check out your TpT store! =)

    Heather's Heart