Saturday, January 10, 2015

Figurative Language Interactive Notebook

Ok- I am loving interactive notebooks just a little bit right now.  In fact, I think I am going a little bit overboard... but, they are fun and it's a good way to practice skills or reinforce a lesson.  I know I am not doing it correctly according to the interactive notebook gurus, but it's working for me right now.  With that being said, I created a new interactive notebook for figurative language, specifically idioms, homonyms, similes and personification.  Here are some pictures that show my samples. (I used the colored versions of the clip art to save me time coloring it all- the students are blackline pictures they can color.) It's in my TpT store at this the link here.  Hope it's something that might be useful to someone.

 These are flaps with an idiom on the front cover.  Under the flap, students write what the phrase means.
 This is a cute flap book.  The front gives the meaning and students have to match it to an idiom.  For example, one says "If something is really expensive, you say..." and the picture and words that match say, "it cost an arm and a leg."

 These pictures show the activity for homonyms.  There are ten words that have multiple meanings.  Students have to write a phrase to explain that particular picture.  Then they glue it on as a flap.

 This picture shows an accordion book of similes.  All students do with this one is glue, color,  and put the book together. The last page has a space where they can write what they know about similes.

 These pictures show an activity for personification.  Students read the phrases and under the flap they write what the phrase means or when it would be used.  For example, the one that says "His feet are tired" underneath the students might write that it was a long day and the person maybe had to walk or stand for a long time.

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