Sunday, January 11, 2015

Biography Interactive Notebook

I've had a busy weekend.  Over Winter Break I started this interactive notebook, but didn't have time to finish it.  So, this weekend I spent a lot of time coloring, cutting things out, and making sample notebook pages to finish up this notebook.  One of our social studies standards in Arizona for 3rd grade is "Recognize that individuals worked for and supported the rights and freedoms of others (Susan B. Anthony, Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, MLK, Cesar Chavez)"
I chose to NOT focus on Martin Luther King, Jr. because it seems that every grade K-2 does something for him and my students know about him already.  Instead, I figured I would concentrate on the rest of the people that they might not have heard of already.  Click on the link here to find this in my store.

You need specific books for this notebook-
A Picture Book of Cesar Chavez by David Adler
A Picture Book of Rosa Parks by David Adler
A Picture Book of Jackie Robinson by David Adler
Susan B. Anthony by Lucille Davis
There are vocabulary words for each book and three different notebook activities for vocabulary.
Then each book has at least two different activities.  The pictures below show the activities for the Cesar Chavez book.

The picture below shows the activities for the Rosa Parks book.

The picture below shows the activities for the Susan B. Anthony book.

The picture below shows the activities for the Jackie Robinson book.

There is also a culminating activity that lists four events- one per person- and ask students to write about how the events are connected.  

 One of my favorite activities is a life quote circle map that I made for each person. I chose a quote from each person and wrote it in the middle of a circle map.  My plan is that the students will write events from the person's life that represent that quote.  For example, Cesar Chavez's quote is the UFW's slogan "Si se puede" which means "Yes, we can."  I want the students to think about Chavez's life and write down things that happened to him that represent his belief of not giving up on making things right for the migrant farm workers.  Then I want students to write a paragraph explaining how that quote defines Chavez's life.  Here's are my samples to give you can idea.

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