Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Writing Journal Ideas and Station Task Cards

I believe the best writing is authentic writing in which the writer choose his/her topic and isn't told what to write about.  So, generally, I dislike writing prompts.  However, I know that students need to be able to write from a prompt.  District and state assessments use writing prompts so students need to be able to write from a prompt even if it's not something necessarily that they want to write about.
And, sometimes, you just can't think of anything to write about.  Sometimes, you're in the middle of a piece of writing and just need a break from it.  Sometimes, you just don't feel like writing, but you have to go the the Writing Station that day.  All of these reasons, and probably more, prompted me to create these monthly writing task card journal ideas.  They are not too rigorous(not really in the same format as district/state assessment)- just some fun ideas to write about when you're stuck.  I plan to use them at a Writing Station as a CHOICE if students need them.  I don't want students to rely on them as the sole writing they do at the station, so I will need to make sure I teach how to do that station very well so they don't become over-reliant on the prompts.  But they are cute and colorful and I tried to include different kinds of writing- narrative, imaginative, informational, and persuasive.  Here are some sample pages.  There are 16 ideas for each month- August through May.  You can get them at my store- click here.

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