Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Memory String

I am linking up once again with Deanna Jump to share a book title today for Book Talk Tuesdays.
The book I am sharing today is called The Memory String and it is by Eve Bunting.  I love Eve Bunting's books!

The Memory String is the story of a little girl named Laura whose father has remarried.  One day as her dad and step-mom are painting the house, Laura begins looking at the memory string with her cat.  The memory string has different buttons on it that remind her of things that have happened in her family.  When the string breaks, she has to rely on her dad and step-mom to help her find the buttons. This book would be good for asking and answering questions and making inferences.  It would be good for analyzing character- what do you know and what can we infer about Laura.  How does she change from the beginning of the story to the end?  The story also has some beautiful illustrations that can be analyzed to determine how these illustrations help tell the story.
And, if you are using Note and Notice Signposts, it has a few great examples of Contrasts and Contradictions, a couple of Aha Moments and an example of Words of the Wiser.

I made something for the book that I plan to use with my 3rd graders.  You can find it here: The Memory String.  It includes some questions to ask throughout the story and a writing activity about the character.

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