Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We Go Together: A Back to School Activity

I am so impressed with the responses I get when I ask clip artist on TpT for help with different topics.  I have made a couple of requests lately and have to say these people are pretty amazing.  Not only are they incredibly talented, but they are so quick and so accommodating.  My requests have been kind of obscure and out of the ordinary.  The first one was for clipart of things that go together.  We are using the Engage NY math units that are out there now Module 1 and the beginning few lessons are all about sorting.  One of the lessons focuses on things that go together and I thought a pocket chart center would be a great ancillary activity to this.  So, I requested some clip art.  Michael Rawls came through for me quickly and with wonderful results.
As I am creating the pocket chart sort I realize that this would also be perfect for other grade levels.  It would make a great ice breaker activity for the first day of school.  Teachers can give every student a card; then students mingle and look for their partner.  Once they find the picture with their match, they can introduce each other and find one interesting fact about their partner.  Then they can introduce each other to the class.  Check out these cute cards and the recording sheets to go with the ice breaker AND the pocket chart activity.

Here's the link to my product at TpT.  Hope it's something you might consider checking out.
Coming soon...my Opposite Pocket Chart Activity using the fabulous clip art of PoppyDreamz!

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