Thursday, June 13, 2013

Chapter 1: Teach Like a Pirate

I am linking up with a bunch of other bloggers to talk about the book Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess.

Normally, I try to stay away from books like this because I think they are someone's gimmicky way to make money and probably don't have a lot of depth. So, with that being said, I couldn't help myself.  The title got to me!  I want to know why I should teach like a pirate.  So, I downloaded the Kindle version on my ipad today and read chapter one.  I can't say I am convinced yet, but it was an easy read and made me think.

Content Passion
It's really funny because I've gone through phases in my 20 year teaching career.  There were years where science and social studies was a passion of mine.  I was teaching the older grades where I could really go in depth in fun topics like motion and ancient Egypt.  Then, there were years where reading was my passion.  I loved doing literature circles and book clubs with my kids and really enjoyed the conversations we had about characters. Then I had my math years when I was deep in my learning about cognitively guided instruction and students' mathematical thinking and math was the best time of day.  And, I think I've always loved teaching writing!  Right now, as I enter my 3rd year straight of teaching Kindergarten I think I am back into my math passion.  I love teaching math- I love word problems and getting students talking about how they solved the problem and what strategies they used.  I love the A-ha moments the littles have when they finally figure out a math concept and can't wait to show off their new understanding.

Professional Passion
I love curriculum!  I love designing lessons, creating activities and sharing them with anyone who will listen to me!  My teammate always tells me that I should go work at district office writing curriculum maps and designing grade level curriculum- and that would be a dream job for me!

Personal Passion
My family would be my personal passion! I love spending time with them.  I love doing things with my 10 year old son and enjoy learning about the things that interest him.   

Guided Math
Guided Math is hosting this week's chapter so head over there and check out other people's thoughts.

Check back next week for Chapter 2.

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  1. I promise you will love this book. No gimmick, just some things that really get you thinking!
    Third Grade Tidbits