Friday, April 5, 2013

More Motion Fun!

Here are some pictures from this week's motion activities.  We talked about push and pull and tried to push this tub across the floor empty, with some books and with my little friend here.  We talked about why I was able to move it a greater distance when it was empty even though I gave it the same amount of push! He was pretty excited to be a part of my experiment!

Then we made roller coasters out of toilet paper and paper towel rolls!  They loved this! Check out some of their creations below.  I am not sure that they could articulate the things that they learned from these activities this week, but it gave them a first exposure to the ideas of motion and forces.  And maybe they learned a little something.  One of my kinders told me that she was in the car yesterday with her mom.  Her mom was "speeding".  She told her mom that they were "in motion" and she was using "too much force on the gas pedal."  Love my kinders!

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