Sunday, October 14, 2012

Where is Spider? and an upcoming Birthday Give-Away

One of our language standards this quarter focuses on using "commonly used prepositions".  This, of course, ties in with the math standards about positional words.  I've created a packet with a seasonal theme of spiders.  I like the Raffi song "Spider on the Floor" and will probably use this song as a beginning point for the activity.  I will ask the students to change the song so that they are using different prepositions- over, behind, under, beside, in, etc...  My packet has a color book that takes a spider to different locations using Halloween themed clip art.

Then, students can make their own book (or a page in the class book) with a black and white version.
Students can draw their own spiders where they want them- making sure to choose a preposition to describe the spider.  Then students can finish writing the sentence.  Instead of drawing spiders themselves, I cut out some cute spiders with my Cricut that I think the students will use on their page.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I am having a give-away.  The first 4 people who respond tomorrow morning after I post this picture can pick anything $6 or under in my TpT store (and that's pretty much everything) and I will send it to them for free.  It's my way to thank my followers- and maybe get a few more in the process!  Just look for me to post this picture tomorrow and respond with your email address.  Don't do it today- wait until you see this TOMORROW October 15th.

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