Thursday, March 29, 2012

Principal Visits

Don't you love it when your principal walks in and you are doing something that she might question the "Instructional value" of???  We don't have specials on Thursdays and usually I try to do something hands on or a instructional video or something in the afternoons because we haven't had a break all day.  Today, since we're learning about plants, I decided to make "dirt cups" with the kids.  You know, the pudding and crushed cookies with a gummy worm!  Well, this would be the day that the principal would walk in (and with a parent too- but not one of my parents).  Our principal is on maternity leave so it was our substitute principal who I haven't had much interaction with...I am not sure what she thought as my kiddos are all reading while I am mixing up the pudding for the dirt.  They stayed for what seemed like forever!  After I pulled the kiddos back to the carpet and we reviewed how soil is one of the things plants need- they left...  It was so frustrating because I have no idea why they were there and no idea what they thought of the whole thing...  UUUGH!

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