Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Math Notebooks

At least twice a week, we do word problems in our math notebooks. These are just spiral notebooks in which the kids put word problems or other math activities. Lately, we've been using address labels to stick our word problems into the notebooks. I have 27 kiddos, so a sheet works nicely without having too many extras. I cut them into sections of 5 and the kids pass the sheets around the table taking a sticker and sticking them at the top of the first empty page. Before I used strips of paper that I had to cut and we glued them onto the page. Our 4th quarter focus is subtraction so our word problem today was a Separate Result Unknown. I had 12 jelly beans. I ate 4. How many jelly beans do I have left? Many of my students are direct modeling with a picture, but some are using the counting back strategy. After we do the word problem, 2 or 3 kiddos share their journals using our document camera. They explain what they did and tell how they got the answer. Here are some samples of what they did today.

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