Saturday, July 2, 2016

Engage New York Training

I am starting a new job in a few days. I will be the K-6 instructional coach for math in my district. I will wear a lot of hats, but one of my favorite will be to plan professional development for the different schools. This is one of the things I am most excited about because I will have some say in the topics of professional development and I know what I don't like about PD and I can try to provide better training for teachers! One of the biggest pet peeves I have is when we start a program and the district just gives us the materials and expects us to figure it our ourselves. This happened two years ago when we were given the Eureka math materials. We were told that this wasn't our adopted curriculum but we should use it. But, they didn't give us any training on it AT ALL! Anyone who has used the materials knows that it is not the most user friendly program ever written. It is very wordy and hard to sift through all the script-like lessons to get to the meat of the lesson. And, when you are given the materials a couple of weeks before school starts there's really no time to investigate the Eureka websites and find all the resources that are there that help explain the program. So, for the last couple of years teachers have been wading through it-teaching it the best they can. But this past year when I had 3 new teachers on my team- all unfamiliar with the ENY/Eureka materials I truly realized how much we needed some professional development! And, fortunately, I am just the math coach for the job! I went on a quest for information- I visited the Eureka website and watched hours and hours of videos and sifted through a lot of information. I've created, what I think, is a pretty good professional development training on how to plan for a ENY/Eureka lesson. I know sharing the PowerPoint is not the same as being in a training, but if you're struggling with how to sift through all the words and script of the lesson, I think this might help a little. Check out the slides and then, if you're interested, click on the link. How to Plan a ENY/Eureka Lesson

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