Friday, March 28, 2014

DIBELS practice

No, we don't do standardized testing in Kindergarten.  The closest thing we have is DIBELS.  And, this year I have had so many students that I've had to progress monitor.  It's because we're using the new updated benchmark scores which are crazy hard to reach for many of my students. So, in order to help them practice, I decided to create some "task cards" for me to use with them during guided reading groups.  I print them with the phoneme segmentation pictures on one side and the nonsense words on the other side.  I go around my group and I say the words on the cards.  Students stretch out the sounds just like on the phoneme segmentation test.  Then we flip the cards over and read the words on the back.  Sometimes they read just one or two columns and sometimes I time them to see who can read the quickest with the fewest errors.  They have a lot of fun with the cards, and it's pretty quick.  Some days we only do one side if we're in a rush to get more reading done.  Here are some pictures.  Find it at my store- Nonsense Word and Phoneme Segmentation Task Cards.  It's discounted through the weekend- along with everything else in the store.

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