Saturday, February 15, 2014

Opinion Writing in Kindergarten

Kindergarteners love to tell what they think about things and they have opinions about everything!  The tricky part is harnessing those opinions and writing them down to satisfy the common core standard W1.  We've been using proficiency scales in our classroom a lot this year and my team created a proficiency scale for Opinion Writing.

So, we have this to work from when we revisit opinion writing.  But, it's such a broad type of writing and I wanted to start with small topics that I can use when I teach the proficiency scale to the students.  So I created this packet of easy to use opinion journal pages.  The first week I will use the easier ones about favorite foods and fun things.

The second week it will be when we read Dr. Seuss books and we will do some opinion writing that connect to some of the books we're going to read.

After that, we'll see where the unit takes us.  But this will hopefully be a good start for us.  To get this freebie that includes ALL these samples and more, click here.  Would love to hear your OPINION about the best way to teach this type of writing with our little ones.


  1. I love it. I will definitely be using this with my first graders. Thanks!!

  2. Awesome!! I have been looking for something like this!! Writing is so difficult to teach so the more practice my kiddos can have, the better! Thanks so much!


  3. Thank you! I am excited to try these with my kindergarten class. I like the rubric to give the students a visual cue.