Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy School Year!

One of my favorite back to school books is a book called Happy School Year!  It's about the first day of school- the whole school celebrates with cupcakes and sings "Happy School Year to You!"  I created this page for my students to do that first day of school.  We talk about what we want to learn and do in Kindergarten and then I let them color the cupcake and candle, draw a picture of what it is they wish, and try to write what their wish is.  It's a great writing & drawing sample for the beginning of the school year. And, most of the time, I need to go back through with the students and have them tell me what they wrote and I will write it down underneath their attempt. It's also something that I can keep in a writing portfolio to show parents.Here's the link to my document.  Kindergarten Wish

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